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    Secured 48% Rate Of Interest  

    Weekly Payment Saturday  

    Agreement Period One Year(52 Weeks)  

    Complete Online Payment 



    Secured 48% Rate Of Interest  

    Weekly Payment Saturday  

    Agreement Period One Year(52 Weeks)  

    Complete Online Payment 



    Secured 48% Rate Of Interest  

    Weekly Payment Saturday  

    Agreement Period One Year(52 Weeks)  

    Complete Online Payment 


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      51 thoughts on “Deposit Scheme”

      1. Hello Team
        i am deposited cash but no Response
        screenshot also send Telegram channel
        please do need full


          Hello Patrica We are not accepting out of Countries Money
          already Deposited in u r account
          our Services only Andharapredesh and Telangana

      2. Good Day
        successfully completed one Year
        Nice investment plans
        I advise every one best investment plan money secure and good returns

      3. Hello
        Nice Returns
        Starting 8% given know 4% giving y people reducing rate of interest rates.
        my investment plan expired i need to invest
        Account: HYD302356SATYA

        The good investment plan, Nice returns
        Yesterday I have visited the office, I am checked everything
        Very Genuine People, This is my appreciation
        Good Job guys

      5. I am Invested 20k
        But returned to my account, Hear customer care number not working !
        can u provide Details

        1. Sorry for Inconvice Please fill the form after payment Otherwise we have no data for the investor so we are Refund the Clients

      6. Hi bro
        I Really Really Happy Bro, what a support just iam invested 20k only and 40k In Year
        Day Interest Pay Provide all Giving free service
        IT returns
        GST Returns lot of service free giving, Weekly payment.

        Thanks Lot

      7. I am Swetha
        on the website No numbers, Two days back One person call me agent like that.
        Please Invest money on the, please transfer money to my account I will pay but I refuse.
        Please give the company address and phone number for customers.

        1. Hi Swetha we are not appointed any Marketing Persons or Agents.
          Please Mark mail or Our Telegram Channel @Dayinterestpay ( ping us )
          Any Investment please do online our Telecallers and Our Managers Help u

      8. Hi bro
        This is Ramurthi
        I am retired employee, after retirement i am searched lot of investment plans but this is good.
        This is private sector but good . I am checked back end operations also.
        I am invested and six months completed after I am giving feedback.

      9. Sundhram Charulu
        I am Invested 50k our payout required monthly
        weekly not good for me can make monthly


          Dear Sampath
          our portal having Private finance person and Borrowers
          they mutually understand borrowers and investors their own terms and conditions.
          we are proving document services only.
          we are providing our personal documents security purpose, NO need to worry

      10. Name: Ramireddy
        Account Number: HYD020416
        Weekly Plan Completed, Can i enroll 10 weeks plan Please suggested

      11. Sir previous iam invested weekly plan
        Know plan not displaying in website
        How to invest weekly plan,please suggest best plan no risk


          Ramya 10weeks plan Expired (completed) please go through the yearly plan.
          20k Best plan Invest hear
          20k invest hear get total 40k in one year
          weekly payment

      12. i am invested in 20k three months bank, starting this is fake no body given this percentage i think but they are given promptly
        well done!
        One Request this is possible to make it monthly long period i will invest One Lakh Rupees

      13. Nice work
        I am working with 6months every week promptly deposit cash .
        I am invested three time every time fully filled targets
        Thankes lot

      14. Nice Sir
        I am starting 10000/- investing, Maximum all schemes are fake but superb they given promptly giving amount.
        i earn 14000/- in 10weeks

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